Expect the unexpected in India

When you travel to India, you know you’re gonna be in for an adventure — which is exactly why you go.

“Expect the unexpected”, you’re told. Well….they weren’t kidding!

I’ll never forget first arriving in India. The airport was modern with all the  high class stores you’ll never shop at. so far, so good. My friend and I get in a cab to take us to the bus station to meet our 12 hour bus from Delhi to Dharamsala. The first ten minutes of the ride, our first taste of India, was a bit surprising.  Where were the shanty towns? Where were the cows? Where was the garbage? All we were seeing was fancy government buildings. We could have been in Europe for all we knew. Then, without any warning, all of the smells and visions of the India we heard about were magnified by 100. Insane traffic going in all directions. Taxis, tuk tuks, cows, motorbikes coming from all directions. Smells of curry and garbage wafting through the air, vendors calling our their wares. We had arrived! i was overstimulated and in love… Below are some pictures of that first day.